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PiG Pop Rock & Roll


Too Much Talk


Lady Howard’s Coach


Monkee Bizniz


In The Earliest Time


My Daddy Tells Me Stories


Old King Cole


Old Spider & The Giant Clam Shell


Sing A Song Of Sixpence


Sir Gammer Vans


The Blackingstone Ravens


The Farmer’s Wife


The Juniper Tree


The Night Troll


The Old Woman And Her Pig


I Woke Up & My Dream Had Gone


The Wrecker The Death Ship

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Photo by Ian Pittman


Clive in India
Carnival in Brazil
Hijinx in Jordan
The Sleepseat
Cherry Reds in Red Square
Photo by Harry Duns
Age 8
First date in Bogota
Clive about to fly
Funny little man

Photo by Harry Duns
In Argentina with Lucas
Dad & Ollie
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Mrs Winterbottom and the Gingerbread Man

Read the whole story.


Colin the Chocolate Kid

The boy who ate himself for breakfast.
Read the whole story.

Buzzard Man

A story from Daftmoor in the Wild Wacky West of England.
Read the whole story.


Anton Often Wondered

Anton swallowed his sister’s goldfish.
Read the whole story.

The Cat PM At No. 10

Poem performed at No. 10 Downing Street.
Read the whole story.

Jurassic Cove

Two boys turn into dinosaurs for the day.
Read the whole story.

Mischievous Mouse Deer

A story from Malaysia
Read the whole story.



The Train To Turin

Read the whole story.