Clive has over 40 years experience of performing in schools and elsewhere to entertain, inspire and educate. He tells hundreds of tales that support education in classrooms, and would be delighted to work in your school.

Storytelling For UK Schools

Traditional, original and topical tales for EYFS, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, and Key Stage 3 pupils.

Myths, legends, fables and folktales from the British Isles and beyond.

Stories From History for Key Stage 2

Clive brings history to life with these amusing and informative shows.
Topics covered include Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Celts vs Romans, Beowulf, Vikings, Tudors and Mayans.

Storytelling for Schools Around The World

Globetrotting Mr PiG’s told tales in numerous International Schools around the world. His most recent forays abroad have been to Brunei, Cambodia, Colombia, Myanmar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Uganda. Clive’s also shared stories in schools for street children in Indonesia and the Philippines and has performed in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan on behalf of the British Council.

Storytelling for Events and Organisations

Want a storyteller for a small private party, a story walk, a site-specific extravaganza, or a large scale event? – Clive PiG’s your STORYFELLA!
Get in touch to book him for your event.

Storytelling & Creative Writing Workshops

Clive has developed some engaging workshops that are just right if you want to develop your own imaginative writing.

Contact Clive to discuss how he can help.