Three Tales Told In A Taxi by Francisco Avila

I asked tour manager Blas to ask Francisco if there are any good stories to be found in Querataro. There are many, was the reply. We parked up by the station and here are the basic versions recounted.

Tale 1  Claudia Mijangos


There was a woman who began to hear voices in her head. She became estranged from her husband and killed her three children with a knife. She disembowelled them and plastered their innards all over the walls. After this she was put into an asylum where she fell in love with a doctor.  They eloped to the USA and lived happily ever after.

The now deserted house is next to a kindergarten and soon after the murders children in the playground noticed that every so often balls they were playing with would begin to roll away from them towards the garden.  On many occasions the young children ran after the balls and the door of the house would open and the two boys and girl who had died would ask the kindergarten kids if they’d like to come inside and play.

Subsequently a wall has been built between the school and the house.

Click the link below for a more thorough and factual account of this awful event:

Tale 2  The Hitchhikers & The Ghost

Variations of this are amongst the most common ghost tales in South America and elsewhere.

Two young men driving along the highway stop to pick up a pretty hitchhiker. They drop her at her home afterwards find she’s left a scarf behind in the car. The next day they return to the house. The door is opened by an old woman who tells them it is her daughter’s scarf but that she died thirty years ago. She reappears each anniversary of her death.

Tale 3 The Rich Man & The Nun

The Marques, The Nun & The Aqueduct

Many years ago a marquis, the richest man in Querataro, fell in love with a nun. She was in love with the Lord. She asked her besotted admirer to build a house of love for them where they could live together in spirit, if not in the flesh. In order to supply the house with fresh water he also constructed a mile long aqueduct which today also provides water to the many fountains in the old colonial town.

The Taxi Driver’s Tales, Querataro, Mexico