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Old Father Christmas at Saltram House
Photo Steve Hayward

Third year of Funky Father Christmas’s mid winter mayhem storytelling shows at Saltram House. SOLD OUT!


Here’s a flavour to savour sung to tune of Jingle Bells.


Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

Put them on your plate.

They’re not that bad

It makes them sad

That they’re the ones you hate.


Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

Don’t reject in haste.

Don’t live in fear

Of a once a year

Flavour that you taste.


If you’ve got a cough

If you have a sneeze

Here’s a remedy

Don’t scoff, I beg you please.

Don’t turn green or pout

Please just hear me out.

Packed with vital vitamins

Better than a mandarin.


(It shouldn’t be shocking

To find one in your stocking.)


Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

Brussels all the way.

What a healthy choice ’t ’would be

To eat them every day.


Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

Brussels all the way.

If you won’t eat one

You’ll not get your treat on Christmas Day.


© Clive PiG Lyrics 2018

Funky Father Christmas 2018