The Superhero Beaver and other Beaver Tails
Tues 26th October
10.30 – 12 noon
£3.50 per child (1 accompanying adult per child)

Heard the story about the beaver who saved the world? Do you know how the beaver got a flat tail? What about the strange case of the man who married a beaver? Hmm.

Join globetrotting storyteller and children’s author Clive PiG to find out in these and other stories from around the world as we celebrate the first ever reintroduction of an extinct native mammal to England: you guessed it- the beaver.

Listen to Clive’s animated and whimsical tales about great floods, forbidden love and, yes, beavers! Be inspired by RAMM’s new resident beaver to produce your own piece of creative writing.

A full mount and skeleton of a beaver from the River Otter will be on display, along with other beaver related objects. These individuals died naturally and have been prepared by ethical taxidermist Jazmine Miles-Long and skeletal preparator Jon Knott.

This event is part of the Exetreme Imagination Festival

Super Hero Beaver & more tales about tails.