Sumatran tigers at Paignton Zoo. (Can you spot the second tiger?)

Two tigers saw a tabby cat

Walking by their cage

They dashed over to gobble it

But then became enraged

The tabby, though, just stood there

It didn’t run away

The look it gave the angry pair

Seemed to me to say,

Yes, I know it’s not a tabby.
For your records, I am in receipt of a poetic licence, and also have an enhanced DBS certificate,
and Public Liability Insurance for up to 10 million squid.

“I was wild once, just like you

But now I’m mild and tame

I come and go from this old zoo

And you can’t —that’s a shame.

But I’d swap places if I could

Because I’d rather see

You escape into the woods

Wild and running free

For I’m a prisoner as a pet

I’m in captivity

My ancestors would so regret

What’s become of me.

I’d prefer your prison chains

Than my sofa, that’s for sure

I so wish I could be untamed

I’d roar like you for evermore.”

The tigers now were so het up

They could not reach their prey

A keeper came and picked it up

And carried it away.

Two tigers and a tabby cat

Are all somewhere they hate

They live in a strange habitat

They share the same sad fate.

© Clive PiG    03/10/2021

Two Tigers And A Tabby Cat