Showtime at BISR

Letter to Authors Abroad 30 January 2020

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I wanted to write to you to express my heartfelt thanks, on behalf of all our children in the Primary School at the British International School Riyadh, for a fantastic week with the awesome author, storyteller and troubadour Clive Pig.

‘Mister Storyfella’ has truly inspired our students. Clive enthralled the children with his fantastical tales, enhanced with masterly storytelling and expert use of drama and mime. The children responded with awe and were truly captivated by his presence and charisma.

Clive was the consummate professional throughout the week. He was incredibly flexible, even dropping his original plans for our Year 3 students when the Head of Year asked if he could ‘do something on the theme of Vikings instead’!

Clive led a wide range of activities during the week, including writing workshops and a parent session, all with the same zest, grace and positivity. He was easily able to adapt his performances to meet the needs of our youngest children in Foundation Stage 1 to our oldest in Year 6 (and even Key Stage 3!).

We all feel incredibly grateful for Clive’s time with us. We have some very special memories and a fresh appreciation of his art form. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Rebecca Layton-Short
Head of Primary