A Suitcase of Stories

In recent months, Clive has told tales virtually to schools in China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Ukraine and the UK.

“It was a great session and the children really enjoyed it. It was lovely to see you in action. The level of language was perfect. They loved looking at your website afterwards and learning a bit more about you. They’re off to ask the librarian if we’ve got any of your books because they were especially taken with your shortest story!!!”

Zoe Weiner, St Julian’s School, Portugal  https://www.stjulians.com/

Storyteller and author, Clive PiG, has travelled the world collecting tales to share and souvenirs to show. His suitcase of stories contains wonders to spark your imagination and to inspire you to tell your own tales.

Drawing on his vast repertoire of Myths, Legends, Fables and Folktales from around the globe, Mr PIG will enthral you with musical tales, rhythms and rhymes, songs, stories and poems.

Whatever topic or theme your students are studying Clive can find a story to suit the occasion.

Enquiries and bookings:https://www.clivepig.co.uk/contact/

Zooming Around the World with a Suitcase of Stories