The World Is Just A Great BiG Onion


Moscow seems so far away? That’s because it is. It would take me 33 hours to drive the 1,970 miles between Ashburton to the Russian capital – 31 hours if there’s no traffic. Phew, thank goodness I flew there and back.

What do you call a flying pig? Pigasus.

That was me. Two weeks at The International School Moscow courtesy of Authors Abroad. The school put me up at the Grand Marriot – ten minutes from Red Square – and I signed and sold 250 copies of PiG’s Tales. Can’t be bad.

Cherry Reds in Red Square

Had a great time telling Magical Myths and Laughable Legends and sharing my Top Ten Tale Telling Tips with the pupils and parents, teachers and support staff during the day, but in the evenings and at the weekend I roamed the Russian streets between monumental buildings, battled the crowds beside the Bolshoi and stared at silent statues –
Marx, Lenin, Pushkin, Tchaikovsky, Mayakovsky and Bulgakov waited patiently for my footfall.

Pilgrimage To The Master and Margarita Bulgakov Museum

Mission in Moscow