Hamish the Hedgehurst
Illustration Andrew Kingham


Once there was a creature

Who roamed upon this earth.

A curious strange mixture

From the day of its birth.

Half human and half hedgehog

The baby had been cursed.

His mother called him Hamish,

His father – the Hedgehurst.


His mother she did love him,

His father thought him weird.

His life, it was so grim,

Hamish Hedgehurst feared

One day he’d be thrown

To the bottom of the well,

Strapped to a big stone

And nobody would tell.


So, on his cockerel he did ride,

Off he went to roam.

He no longer would reside

In the family home.


He travelled far,

He travelled wide,

Into the unknown,

And there he found the site to build …

A Kingdom of His Own.


Where no-one would throw stones,

Where nobody would find him,

Call him names or break his bones.

A Kingdom of His Own.


A place where he could be himself,

A land where he was free.

A sanctuary to restore his health,

His own territory.


A     Kingdom        of          His             Own.


On his cockerel he did ride …
Illustration by Nancy Farmer


Spotted in the garden yesterday

Photo and video below



Russell Prickleball

Russell the Prickleball