Archie Lea
Archie Lea liked archery
He loved his bow and arrow.
Stan did not, unfortunately
Because he was a sparrow.
© Clive PiG

Percy Veer
Percy Veer
Won the cup
For never ever giving up

Not so fast
Often last
Sometimes worse
Never first

He’d be lapped
Every lap
Every relay
He’d delay

Every hurdle
Was a hurdle
But …

In a sprint
He would not stint
He’d try and try
And try and then
He’d trip and fall
And rise again

Lost in the triathlon
They sent out a search party
They found him
In a marathon
But hale and hearty

The best he ever
Came was fourth
He’d never worn a medal
No bronze, no silver nor no gold
But now he’s got some metal

Yes, Percy Veer
Won the cup
For never ever giving up.

Presented to him by his mum
Percy was so chuffed

He stood upon the podium
And held the cup aloft.
© Clive PiG

Heart School

At Art School
In Hartlepool
A love affair began

When Ann drew Andrew
And Andrew drew Ann

2B pencils
Held in each left hand
Sketched a pair of portraits
One of Andrew
One of Ann

Andrew’s nose was straight
But Ann drew it really wonky
Andrew drew Ann’s teeth
As if she were a donkey

Her wheelchair he portrayed
As a chariot of gold
And even though he had long hair
She made his head bald

Their sketchbooks were soon filled
With oodles of doodles,
Squiggles and splats
One of their masterpieces
Was of three cowpats

Only they could recognise
The pictures on the pages
But all the other students guessed
Their love would last for ages.
© Clive PiG


Queue Wait
Queue Wait

Queue Wait
Wait in a queue in Kuwait?
In Kuwait that’s what you do.
Huw waited with Kate
From 2 ’til 8.
Their wait was so great
Their flight flew.
© Clive PiG

Flora, Shut The Doora!
‘Flora, shut the doora!
Please do not ignora
Our request, we know what’s best
The lecky bill will soara.’

She would not shut the doora
Although we did implore her,
So snow swept in up to her chin.
Now Flora will not thawa.
© Clive PiG