The Barbary Pirates of Torbay, the Wrecker and the Death Ship, and the tale of the Salcombe Selkie recounted by Clive PiG

These tales washed up one misty morn on a Westcountry shore like mysterious flotsam and jetsam to the delight of one curious beachcomber.

Come and hear them told and sung at South Devon Storytellers Monday 9th January 7.30pm

Listen to one of them here:

The Ballad of the Wrecker and the Death Ship

From the album Uncle Wolf, available to buy on Bandcamp

Clive PiG is a storyteller, poet and potato juggler.

His dynamic delivery of traditional and original tales appeals to young and old, making him a popular performer in the UK and beyond.

This travelling talesman has sung songs on TV in New York City, shared stories in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, and spouted poetry at Number 10 Downing Street.

Clive’s storytelling is theatrical and interactive, combining music and song, rhythm and rhyme. His dramatic performance style is captured perfectly in his two illustrated books of original stories and comic poems –

Jurassic Cove 

and Unicorn in the Playground

“He doesn’t just tell the story, he lives the story.”

 Emma Cordy, Stage Manager, Big Top, Kidz Field, Glastonbury Festival.

Halloween at Lanhydrock House October 15th-31st

Halloween Jack

Victorian Penny Dreadfuls were sensational stories sold on the streets for a penny. Some of the spooky characters from these tall tales have come to life in the Lanhydrock nursery. Can you seek out the haunted treasure and escape the ghostly curse?

The Penny Dreadful Halloween experience will run from Saturday 15 October to Monday 31 October. Booking is not required, normal admission applies. 

This year Lanhydrock is hosting a walk-through Halloween experience in the nursery over the half-term break. Buy your own Penny Dreadful with a real Victorian penny, meet some creepy characters and a storyteller or two, create your own Penny Dreadful print in one of the linocut workshops and enter our competition to create a gruesome short story of your own. 

If you’re still up for some more outdoor Halloween adventures, take on the ghost hunter trail on two wheels around the Lodge trail. Grab your adventure map from the cycle hire. You can round off your visit with some toothsome treats in the Park Cafe and Stables Tea-room and pick up a spooky gift or two in the shop and plant centre.

Linocut by Lizzie Mee

The Two Travellers

Greetings Story Explorers!!!

Welcome to my blog. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting recorded versions of the tales featured in my latest booky — The Adventures of Mister Storyfella. Here’s the first one hot from the studio.

THE TWO TRAVELLERS my version of a tale I first heard while touring the USA as a singer-songwriter in the 1980s.


Clive PiG not the only recent visitor to cause a stir at FIS.

First foray far afield since Myanmar, Cambodia, and Saudi Arabia in 2020. Thanks to and Dawn Darling of FIS.

Sunday in the Park with the White Lady
Into the Woods
The stage is set
Thank you and Goodbye!
Home Sweet Home


Percy Veer won the cup for never ever giving up

Percy Veer

Percy Veer

Won the cup

For never ever giving up

Not so fast

Often last

Never first

Was he cursed?

He’d be lapped

Every lap

Every relay

He’d delay

Every hurdle

Was a hurdle

But …

In a sprint

He would not stint

He’d try and try

And try and then

He’d trip and fall

And rise again

Once, lost

In the triathlon

They sent out a search party

They found him

In a marathon


But hale and hearty

The best he ever

Came was fourth

He’d never won a medal

No bronze, no silver nor no gold

But now he’s got some metal

Yes, Percy Veer

Won the cup

For never ever giving up

Presented to him by his mum   

Percy was so chuffed

He stood on the pouffe podium

And held the prize aloft

© Clive PiG  

(Version 25/06/2016- 08/09/2021)