With Gilbert Carpio Contreras
With Gilbert Carpio Contreras

King’s School, Manila.
Thanks to Authors Abroad and the enthusiasm of teacher David Bogle, I prolonged my Adventures in Storyland at a relatively new school in the Philippines.

‘Thank you very much for arranging for Clive to visit our school on Monday. The kids, parents and teachers loved having him here and are begging for him to come back in the future!’
David Bogle
Gilbert Carpio Contreras told me about Balagtasan – a form of poetry that is a kind of Filipino Slam …
Balagtasan is participated by two or more protagonists who engage in a debate on a selected subject. Each protagonist expresses their views in verse and with rhyming. Refutations shall also be done in the same manner. A judge, known as the lakandiwa if male or lakambini if female, will decide the winner of the balagtasan. The judge shall also announce the winner in verse and with rhyming. The participants are also expected to impress before a watching audience.
Sounds like something to try out in UK.
Also after rummaging around the library I found this great tale to tell …
Intro of a great little Filipino Tale
Intro of a great little Filipino Tale

Ended the day with a swim and a sunset.
Sunset In the Philippines
This Filipino adventure started with a capital letter and it ends with a full STOP!
OK OK, I'm going.
OK OK, I’m going.

Piggipino In The Philippines – Part 2