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Clive's professionalism and flexibility, coupled with his enthusiasm and energy made this our best Story Week ever! Moscow International School

Katrina Ruffin
Upper Primary Literacy Leader
The International School of Moscow
Part of The British Schools Group

World Book Day                                                                 Bangkok Patana, Thailand

Thanks so much for spending four days at Bangkok Patana School. Our students, teachers and parents all had a wonderful time. I have never heard so many compliments about one person – your ears must be burning! It really was a fabulous experience for all of us. I was amazed how you could make such a positive connection with such varied audiences. How on earth can you know so many different stories off by heart? We were all entranced; it was lovely to see the attentive and excited faces of our Patana family. What a great way for us to celebrate World Book Day! Thanks so much. Do come back to our school again!

Sally Flint Head of Libraries

18th October 2013 British International School

Clive PiG’s Visit – 30 September 2013 – 4th October 2013

Clive Pig's visit to our school was a riproaring success! It was definitely money well spent, as he worked his socks off, performing 27 separate sessions over 5 days. He has an almost hypnotic knack for commanding the attention of a hall full of squirming small children, all of whom lived, breathed and felt each of his stories. In fact, age is immaterial when it comes to Clive's wide repertoire, with all students (and staff!) aged 3-13 utterly engaged and entranced, leading to inspirational drama and writing. Clive was a gentleman, charming everyone he met on campus, and was quite flexible, offering at the last moment to perform an extra assembly at the end of the week. He even performed at Sekolah Bisa, a local charitable school set up and run by our IB students, and was just as well received there, even though they have very little understanding of English.

In the words of Josephine (Year 7): "Clive Pig was really, really entertaining and funny and the best poet we've ever had."

and William (Year 2): "Clive made the stories so funny! He used silly voices for the characters and music. I felt happy and scared and excited and was sad when it finished."

We are sincerely hoping that we can welcome Clive back to BIS again soon.

Jo Osman, Literacy Leader, BIS Jakarta

Dulwich College, Seoul, South Korea

May I also add my thanks and say how much I enjoyed the session when I sneaked in! The feedback from the students and teachers was excellent and we would like to see you again in Seoul at some point in the future.  I will recommend you to our three Colleges in China and the new College in Singapore.

Daryl Orchard, Headmaster

Enka Schools, Istanbul

I can not express enough gratitude for Clive and his ability to light up our students' faces with story. Students were active participants in making ancient folk-tales come to life! Clive's famous suitcase of props is outrageous and his sense of timing is impeccable. The other school we were sharing Clive with raved about his visit as well. My jaw hit the floor as our primary school principal who is usually quite reserved came up to Clive and shared how wonderful his performance was for everyone in the room.
Need a storyteller to liven up your library? Look no further than Clive Pig!

George DUVOISIN, Library Coordinator

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