Unicorn In The Playground

Unicorn In The Playground is a compendium of Clive’s (aka Mister Storyfella) choicest cuts: some to be spoken, sung or shouted; some to be read curled up in bed.

In this rollercoaster paperback book of fabulous illustrations you’ll find your emotions shaken and stirred.

Gasp in wonder at the tale of Colin The Chocolate Kid (link to story including illustrations) and find out what happens when a boy wakes up to find he’s turned into chocolate.

Laugh out loud at the antics of the Angry Dormouse (link to story including illustrations).

Shed a sympathetic tear during Suzanne Loved A Snowman (link to story including illustrations).

Unicorn In The Playground appeals to 11 – 5 year olds and some even older and many who are younger.

Unicorn In The Playground
Published by Caboodle Books Ltd in 2017
Illustrated paperback 128 pages
ISBN 978-0-99548-853-3