Malaysian Miracle Baby Survived Tsunami in Penang

Life’s a beach.

On Friday night I sampled the amazing night light displays of China’s third largest city. I was invited on a cruise along the Pearl River in Guangzhou with the staff of British School Guangzhou. A great end to a phenomenal Book Week shared with authors Adam Bushnell and Kathryn White.

Sunday evening ended with a sundowner at the Miami Beach Bar in Penang with teacher Ashley Byrne and colleagues from St. Christopher’s International Primary School.

While swapping stories about stowaway bullfrogs, monkeys in schools and the world’s longest snakes (a python 7.5 metres long was found just a few miles from where we were sitting)
I was told the tale of the story of a young girl who was sitting with her family behind me.

S. Thulaasi – the Miracle Baby of Boxing Day tsunami

Thulassi at Miami Cafe, Penang

Sundown with Ashley Byrne and colleagues from St. Christopher’s, Penang.